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Suzette Laffranchi
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Community Standards defined:
Common sense rules and regulations designed to provide peace of mind, protect property values and set a benchmark for how we want our community to grow and thrive.

Community Standards Mission Statement:
To enforce our governing documents in a manner consistent with the expectations of the member community by applying common sense solutions in the spirit of achieving peace of mind for all residents.

You’ll find these rules to live by in our governing documents tab on the home page in Article VII, Sections 1 and 2 on Association and Owner Maintenance Responsibilities, and Article VIII, Sections 1-15 on Use of Properties and Restrictions.

I encourage you to do some reading in these sections of the CC&Rs. When you do I think you’ll come away thinking these do’s and don’ts are only common sense.

Alternatively, in the sections below, I have listed a series of the most common rules violations. Please make sure you and your family, and in some cases, your tenants, are familiar with them.

Community Standards

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