Complaint Form

Complaint Form
Complaint regarding alleged violation of Pine Mountain Lake Association Governing Documents

A.  Name of person Alleged to be in Violation of CC&R's ("Respondent"):

Appears to be in violation of the Governing Documents of the Pine Mountain Lake Association.

B. Statement of Violation(s) Please set forth, in ordinary and concise language, the acts or omissions which you believe to be in violation of the Pine Mountain Lake Governing Documents:

C. Governing Document Provisions. Please note the specific provision(s) of the CC&R's, Bylaws or Association Rules and Regulations which the Respondent is alleged to have violated:
D. Other Information Concerning Violation/Witnesses.
Set forth specifics as to time, date, locations, persons involved or known witnesses:
** The Complainant may be responsible for acting as witness to violations in the event that further information is required by the Covenants Committee or ECC.