Paint Guidelines & Paint Color Submittal Form

Approval from the Environmental Control Committee is required for the paint color on new houses and repainting existing houses.

The color of garages and sheds must match the house.
Take the light reflective value of the paint into consideration when choosing paint. Pine Mountain Lake has many bright sunny days and the reflective qualities of paint may affect neighbors.

·Submit a written request to the Environmental for paint color approval. This is in accordance with the CC&Rs and ECC Guidelines approved by the Board of Directors and passed by PML property owners.
·The paint name and number must be submitted for approval. For example:

Kelly Moore #26 Oyster for the Body, Kelly Moore # 178 Plymouth Gray for the trim.

·Please choose a paint color from the samples in the Administration Office or submit a color chip.
·Earth tone colors required, subject to review
·Do not paint your house the same color as one in the immediate visual surrounding. We strive to avoid the ‘tract home’ appearance.

You are welcome to meet with the Environmental Control Committee if you have an out of the ordinary color scheme or idea. Contact the Administration Office at (209) 962-8605 to arrange a meeting.

 Declaration of Restrictions for Pine Mountain Lake

Article V – Environmental Management
Section 1 – Environmental Control Committee Approval of Improvements
(b) Definition of Improvements – The term “Improvement’ as used herein, shall include, but not be limited to, the construction, instillation, alteration, remodeling and exterior color selection of buildings, walls, etc… Article, VI, Section 10 – Colors and Exterior Finishes.
ECC Guidelines – Paint Guidelines

Paint Color Submittal Form
Pine Mountain Lake Address
Pine Mountain Lake Address
Unit & Lot
Maximum upload size: 516MB
Maximum upload size: 516MB
Maximum upload size: 516MB
Are any houses that touch your lot painted the same or similar color scheme?
If not on PMLA color list please provide color chip sample.
Maximum upload size: 516MB
Maximum upload size: 516MB