Department of Safety

Pine Mountain Lake Association maintains a fully staffed safety force 24 hours a day, with 24 hour motor patrol. The lake is patrolled during summer months. The Tuolumne County Sheriff's Department also serves Pine Mountain Lake. There are 13 card entry gates around the development.

Director of Safety Natalie Trujillo
Sergeant Teri Cathrein

All other correspondence:

PMLA Emergency Backup Telephone Numbers

Whenever PMLA telephone service is offline during emergencies or system upgrades at Administration, Main Gate Department of Safety, and the Grill, members and guests can contact us at the following numbers:

  • Department of Safety Main Gate at 1(209) 768-8600
  • Administration Office at 1(209) 768-3998
  • PML Grill at 1(209) 962-8658



Main Gate April 13, 2012