Guest Passes

Any time you are expecting a guest you must register them with the Main Gate.  There are several ways to do this.
You can:
  • Call the Main Gate at 1(209) 962-8615 and give them the name of your guest/vendor/contractor
  • Fax the information to the Main Gate at 1(209) 962-6796
  • Enter your guest information from your computer by following these directions and using 
  • Stop by the Main Gate and give the information to the Dispatcher/Patrol Officer on duty

When requesting a guest pass, please have the following information ready to give to the Dispatcher/Patrol Officer:

  •  PIN number
  •   Property Owner’s last name
  •   Guest’s full name
  •   Arrival and departure dates
  •   Unit/Lot

There are two categories of guests; Temporary guests and Permanent Guests.  Temporary guests are personal guests who are staying one day to two weeks, vendors and contractors.  Permanent guests are  family members, close friends and guests who visit frequently.  Once Permanent Guests are entered into the system you will no longer need to call in a pass for them each time they visit.

If you do not know your PIN number you may contact the Administration Office or the Main Gate to get it.  You may be asked for certain information to verify your identity.