Swim Center * Pool Temp is 80 – 83 *

No Reservations for any Pool Activities at this time.

12600 Mueller Drive
1 (209) 962-8634 (seasonal number)



Swim Center season is from Memorial Day Weekend until  October 31st.


The Pine Mountain Lake Swim Center is a great place to go to relax and have fun with family and friends. There is a pool, fun music and a ping pong table.  It also has an ice cream, snack and drink vending machine for your convenience.


The pool is open to property owners and their guests. For the safety of everyone, please note that children under 14 years of age must be accompanied and monitored by an adult at least 18 years of age. Children not potty trained must wear a swim diaper with a plastic covering to ensure no leaks and keep the pool water clean. If there is an accident, please let the Pool Attendant know right away and s/he will follow the appropriate course of action.


The pool also offers water aerobics to property owners and their accompanied guest. There is no charge to participate and it's a great form of exercise. Each class consists of a series of aquatic exercises, which are performed in the pool using the water as resistance. Simply perform the exercises for a safe and effective means of achieving overall body and cardiovascular condition. Class is led by audio instruction.


Pool Capacity: 63 people in water

Facility Capacity: 82 people within the enclosed area (including employees)



    • 8 am to 9 am: Water Aerobics


  • 9 am to 10 am: Water Aerobics
  • 10 am to 12 pm: Property Owners and accompanied guests only
  • 12 pm to end of day: Property Owners and independent guests



The pool is open seven days a week during the summer.


Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day Weekend the pool is open from 8 am to 8 pm





The pool continues to be open seven days a week (weather permitting).

September 3rd thru September 30th the pool is open from 8 am to 6 pm

October 1st thru October 31st the pool is open 8 am to 2 pm


A Pool Attendant will meet you at the gate to register your name and property or guest information. Please have the following with you:
  • Property Owner must have their PML gate card or Pool Pass card
  • Guests must be accompanied by a property owner between 10 am and noon
  • Renters/Guests must have a valid guest pass (e.g., green, yellow or orange pass issued from PML Main Gate)

No admittance without property owner card or valid guest pass. Additional information may be required.


Please note: property owner cards are non-transferable. They must be used by the person identified on the card.

All swim lessons taught by a Certified Water Safety Instructor.  Come have your child assessed for the correct swim level. There are six levels available for swimmers of all ages. Swim lessons are offered Monday through Thursday between 10 am and 2 pm. 

SESSION 1:  July                                                                 SESSION 2:  July 

SESSION 3:  July                                                                 SESSION 4:  Aug 


Swim Level                          Timeframe
Parent and Tot                       10 am - 11 am
Beginner                                  11 am - 12 pm
Intermediate                           12 pm - 1 pm
Learn Swimming Strokes      1 pm - 2 pm


Property Owners:
$40.00 per person per course
$85.00 per family per course (max. 3 students per family)
$50 per person per course
$95.00 per family per course (max. 3 students per family)



Please register at the Swim Center



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