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Along Highway 120 into Yosemite

To enjoy Pine Mountain Lake, you have to find us. Luckily, we are easy to find.

Pine Mountain Lake is just off Highway 120 in Groveland, California… 30 miles south of Sonora; 26 miles west of the entrance to Yosemite National Park; 126 miles east of the San Francisco Bay Bridge and 115 miles south of Sacramento.

Map of Pine Mountain Lake Subdivision
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Map to Groveland/PML (Groveland/PML zip code 95321)

Map to Yosemite National Park

Pine Mountain Lake is located just off Highway 120, a major all-weather corridor from California’s Central Valley east to Yosemite National Park. Highway 120 is open year-round to the park and to nearby Yosemite Valley. Highway 120 from Yosemite east to Highway 395 over the Tioga Summit is closed during late fall, winter and spring because of snow.

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