PMLA Lots for Sale

Below is a list of PMLA owned lots for sale:

Unit / LotStreet AddressCost
2/047Gamble Street$1000.00 - PENDING
2/287Ferretti Road$2500.00 - PENDING
2/448Wells Fargo Drive$1000.00
3/011Ferretti Road$1000.00- PENDING
6/11319795 Ferretti Road $1000.00
6/17919634 Cottonwood Street$1000.00
6/25219426 Ferretti Road$1000.00
7/062AFerretti Road$1000.00
7/239Digger Pine Street$1000.00
13/264Pine Mountain Drive$1000.00- PENDING

For further information regarding any of these properties please contact the PMLA Administration office at (209) 962-8600.

Map of Pine Mountain Lake Subdivision To enlarge map use the “Zoom in Tool” after map opens