Q: Do I need approval to have work done to my home or property?

A: Yes. All exterior improvements must be submitted for approval prior to beginning the work.

Q: What is an improvement?

A: Any exterior construction, installation, remodel, repair, modification, painting, landscaping, excavation, removal, etc.

Q: Where do I submit my project?

A: You can submit all projects online at:

Q: What documentation do I need to provide for my project to be reviewed?

A: The information needed for each project can differ depending on the scope of work. The ECC Guidelines (found under the Governance tab) lists projects in alphabetical order, and will explain what information/documentation is required for each. As always, if you have any questions, please contact: Ashley at

Q: If I am painting my house the same color, does it need to be approved?

A: Yes. Even if you are painting your home the same color, it will need to be approved. You can submit all paint projects online at:

Q: Where can I find the approved house colors online?


Q: Is solar allowed in Pine Mountain Lake?

A: Yes. Both roof mount, and ground arrays are permitted. Both must be submitted for approval, and ground arrays are subject to setback requirements.

Q: Are bear boxes allowed in Pine Mountain Lake?

A: Yes. Bear boxes are a great way to keep your garbage cans secure on days other than you scheduled garbage collection day. Bear boxes need to be submitted for approval, and like all other fully enclosed receptacles, must be placed next to, or behind your primary dwelling.

Q: Can my contractor submit on my behalf?

A: Yes. Once you have filled out and Assignment of Agent form, your contractor may submit on your behalf.