Community Standards

Community Standards Director  
Suzette Laffranchi
1(209) 962-1241
1(209) 962-8655 fax

Community Standards defined:
Common sense rules and regulations designed to provide peace of mind, protect property values and set a benchmark for how we want our community to grow and thrive.

Community Standards Mission Statement:
To enforce our governing documents in a manner consistent with the expectations of the member community by applying common sense solutions in the spirit of achieving peace of mind for all residents.

You’ll find these rules to live by in our governing documents tab on the home page in Article VII, Sections 1 and 2 on Association and Owner Maintenance Responsibilities, and Article VIII, Sections 1-15 on Use of Properties and Restrictions.

I encourage you to do some reading in these sections of the CC&Rs. When you do I think you’ll come away thinking these do’s and don’ts are only common sense.

Alternatively, in the sections below, I have listed a series of the most common rules violations. Please make sure you and your family, and in some cases, your tenants, are familiar with them.

2023 Schedule of Monetary Penalties 
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All Residents of PML are required to follow PMLA Rules & Regulations

The following are some “common violations.” Please do your part to maintain a harmonious environment for all to enjoy.

Household Pets: You may not:

  1. Allow your dog run loose in common areas
  2. Allow your dog to bark incessantly
  3. Allow your dog to defecate in the Common Area

Personal Property:  You may not:

  1. Store  personal property outside of your residence (out in the open)
  2. Store machinery or equipment out in the open without a construction permit
  3. Accumulate junk on your Lot
  4. Allow your Lot to become unsightly
  5. Allow garbage to build up on your Lot
  6. Leave your garbage cans visible from the street on non-pickup days 

Parking and Vehicle Restrictions: You may not:

  1. Park any vehicle, trailer or camper on the street (including shoulders)
  2. Store any non-operational vehicle on your Lot
  3. Perform car repairs on your Lot (non- emergency repairs)
  4. Operate any unlicensed  vehicle on the roadways (dirt bikes, go-carts, quads, etc)
  5. Exceed the posted speed limit or drive in a reckless manner
  6. Follow another through a security gate or allow others to follow you through a security gate

Personal Conduct: You may not:

  1. Allow loud music or other unreasonable noise.
  2. Use skateboards, rollerblades, or scooters on PML streets or the Common Area
  3. Conduct any noisy activity during PMLA quiet time, before 7am or after 10pm
  4. Utter abusive language or conduct that would be offensive to a reasonable person
  5. Perform exterior construction before 7am or after 7pm or anytime on Sunday
  6. Have a garage sale
  7. Cut down a tree over 5” in diameter at the base
  8. Construct any playhouse, tent or any other similar structure
  9. Burn without Owner’s permit number
  10. Use golf course property for any activity other than golf (paid green fees)
  11. Light any fireworks  (banned by Tuolumne County year round)
  12. Burn during our no-burn season 
  13. Shoot any kind of gun or bow & arrow
  14. Loan your gate card/clicker to another. Gate cards/clickers are for the exclusive use of its owner