Suggestions for Winterizing Your Home

Groveland Community Services District
Suggestions for Winterizing Your Home

* Turn water off at your shut-off valve (not at the water meter).
* Open all faucets. Start with the lowest one and work upward.
* Disconnect and store garden hoses.
* If you have a drip irrigation system, disconnect it from the supply line and drain it by opening the lowest end of the system.
* Use a protective bag over the outside faucets if you do not have freeze proof faucets.
* Remember to insulate all exposed pipe.

(If you do not leave the thermostat on 45-50 degrees or higher)
* Disconnect and drain dishwasher and washing machine lines. Cover the end of the hoses with plastic wrap or a baggie, so that foreign matter does not enter the pipes.
* If you have an ice maker, be sure to drain the line on it and cover the end with plastic wrap.
* Drain water heater. Remember to leave pressure relief valve open.

(If you do not leave thermostat on 45-50 degrees or higher)
* If possible, remove the trap and drain. Pour one quart of antifreeze in the drain even if you cannot drain it (bathtub is one example).
* Flush the toilets and plunger them out. Add one quart of antifreeze to the bowl and one quart in the tank. Flush so antifreeze is in traps, bowl and tank.
* Pour one cup antifreeze into the tub of the washing machine. Turn machine on spin for one minute – this will put antifreeze in the pump.
* Use RV antifreeze for your dishwasher (most common name is Pink Magic).
* If you have a humidifier, drain and dry it.

* It’s best to leave the heat on with the thermostat set at 45 to 50 degrees or higher.
* Open all cabinet doors so heat can circulate around pipes.
* Be sure heat vents are open and unobstructed (no bird nests or debris).
* If you have a fireplace, be sure the damper is closed.
* If you have an air conditioner, be sure to wrap it so heat does not escape to the outdoors.
* If you use a swamp cooler, be sure to drain and clean it. Wrap the outside with heavy plastic or a cover designed for it.
* Close all window coverings to help hold heat in.

Remember to insulate all exposed pipe.