State Fire Fee Information

In November, PMLA members began to receive a notice from the State of California that they would receive a bill of $150 for the California Fire Prevention Fee. Property owners will have only 30 days to pay the bill or appeal the amount. PMLA believes the fee to be unfair as our members already pay a tax for local fire service as well as funding for a comprehensive fire safety program.

The Association website posting is intended to provide useful information to our members so that they can best decide how they wish to handle this individual property fee (tax). This information should not be construed as legal advice and PMLA is not responsible for the information provided in the links to other websites. Most of the organizations recommend that property owners pay the fee under protest and at the very least to file the appeal on the State form to try and get a discount. Members should use their own best judgment.

The Association plans to file a formal protest with the State as we believe the State fire fee is not fair and possibly illegal. PMLA recommends that all Association members review the information provided and take action to fight this unfair fee.

Our staff will continue to provide updates to this page as new information becomes available.
Joe Powell, CCAM, CMCA, AMS
General Manager


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