Smoking Area Review AD_HOC Committee

Ad Hoc Smoking Area Review Committee :

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In response to member complaints regarding second-hand smoke at various PML amenities, the Board of Directors formed an ad hoc committee to evaluate the issues related to smoking at all common areas. The Committee is tasked to come up with some recommendations for the Board to consider.

The Committee also has an email address. Members may share their input by sending an email to

Committee Assignment :
The Assignment of the committee is to research and evaluate the environmental, operational, and health impacts of individuals smoking within Association common areas, and to recommend a draft policy to the Board the regulates this activity. The recommended policy must be in the best interest of the entire Association membership.
Committee Objectives :
Review Current and past member complaints regarding smoking in common areas, specifically, designated smoking areas at individual amenities.
Review, evaluate, and determine the impacts that smoking causes to members, guests and infrastructure in designated smoking areas and other areas within the Association.
Review, evaluate, and estimate the cost to the Association of allowing smoking within common areas.
Gather, review, and evaluate State and County laws, regulations and ordinances that relate to where, and under what conditions that individuals mu smoke in Association common areas. the review will include tobacco, E-Cigarettes, Vapor devices, marijuana or any other airborne impacting device or substance used by and individual.
Review and determine current standards of practice at Association amenities that relate to smoking and designated smoking areas.
Gather smoking policies from other common interest developments of similar size and operations as PML. Review these policies to determine if they could be applicable to PML.
Submit a monthly written report to the Board on the committee’s activities and any progress on tasks assigned to the committee by the Board, by the 10th of the month. The committee chairperson or designated committee members will present the report to the Board of Directors at the monthly Association Board of Directors business meeting.
Conduct a survey of the membership to gather input on the impact of smoking within the common areas and consider all perspectives before finalizing a recommendation to the Board.

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(overview of State and Local Tobacco Control Smoke-Free Laws)