Shooting Range

"The cardinal rule of firearm safety is that every gun must be treated as if it were loaded."

PMLA Shooting Range

The PMLA Shooting Range is a pistol and small-bore rifle, practice range located in Unit 16 above the PMLA Campgrounds. The use of the Shooting Range is governed by the PMLA CC&R's and all subsequent rules and policies as adopted by the PMLA Board of Directors. The use of the PMLA Shooting Range is limited to PMLA members and guests in accordance with Association Policies and Procedures.

Range Access
The gate to the Shooting Range can only be accessed by authorized PMLA staff upon the presence of an approved Range Safety Officer consistent with the range operating schedule. All users of the range shall register with PMLA before their first time to insure they are PMLA property owners in good standing. Registration forms are available at the PMLA Main Gate, Department of Safety.

All Shooting Range users must show documentation of completion of a certified hunter safety course, authorized NRA-sponsored gun safety course, or other authorized gun safety course as determined by the PML General Manager. Or, users may take a one-time short gun safety test at the Main Gate or Administration. All persons, shooters, guests and observers, must register at the Main Gate prior to going to the Range. Click on the link below for a list of documents to demonstrate acceptable proof of gun safety training:

Acceptable Proof of Gun Safety Training

Those members using the range will be responsible for providing their own ammunition, paper targets and cleaning up after themselves when they are done. PMLA members that wish to use the range should call the Main Gate Department of Safety (209) 962-8615 to determine if the range is open prior to driving to the range. Access to the range will be controlled by a locked gate. The road to the range may be closed due to weather and road conditions.

Range Schedule
The Shooting Range is scheduled to be open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, weather permitting, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm as long as a PMLA approved Range Safety Officer is present. The range may be opened on other days for special events as authorized by the General Manager. The range schedule may be changed without notice.

For the complete Policies and Procedures for the Shooting Range
please read the documents below.

PMLA Shooting Range Policies and Procedures Resolution #11.01
Shooting Range Standard Operating Procedures

Age Minimum
The minimum age to use the Shooting Range is 12 years, with a parent or legal guardian present at all times. Shooting Range users ages 12 years to 17 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times. The parent or guardian is responsible for the actions of the child or young adult while at the Shooting Range.

Authorized Weapons
In accordance with Pine Mountain Lake Board Resolution 11.01 "Any gun that is legal in the State of California may be used at the Shooting Range".

A valid Safety Course Certification is required to shoot at the range, purchase a daily or annual pass. Acceptable Proof of Gun Safety Training

Shooting Ranges Fees 2024AnnualDaily
Shooting Club Member$83.00$8.00
PML Member Only$134.00$10.00
Associate Affiliate shooting ClubN/A$15.00
Guest of PML MemberN/A$15.00
Junior Member accompanied by parent or guardianN/A$5.00