Rental Compliance FAQ


Q.     Do I have to register my rental property with Pine Mountain Lake?

A.     Yes. All rentals must be registered with the Association. Log on to

and register your home, rental permits are good for one year from the date you register.


Q.     Is there a fee for rental permits?

A.     Yes. There is an annual fee. This fee is due on the same date every year from the date you register. Please see the current fee schedule or call the Rental Compliance Coordinator at



Q.     Can a property owner at Pine Mountain Lake have more than one rental property?

A.     Yes. There is no limit on how many rentals you may own.


Q.     Where do we store our garbage cans?

A.     Your garbage cans must be stored out of view, and must be secured from wildlife.  According to Pine Mountain Lake CC&R, Article VIII, Section 9  Garbage No rubbish, trash, or garbage shall be allowed to accumulate on Lots. Any trash that is accumulated by an Owner outside the interior walls of a Residence shall be stored entirely within appropriate covered disposal containers and facilities which shall be screened from view from any street, neighboring Lot or the Common Area.

Garbage cans cannot be put curbside on days that are NOT your scheduled garbage pick up day. Garbage can holders are not intended for a place to keep your cans stored, they are only to be used on your scheduled pick-up day, then cans must be removed. Even if you live out of town, you must follow the rules regarding garbage. If you have a Property manager, this is something they can handle for you. Cans will need to be taken out and brought back in on scheduled pick-up day.


Q.     I am purchasing a home that was a previous registered rental, can the rental permit be transferred?

A.     No. Rental permits cannot be transferred. If the home sells, the new owner must register the home with the Association, if they decide to make it a rental.


Q.     If a rental home near me is being noisy, or causing issues who do I call?

A.     We have a Rental Hotline here at Pine Mountain Lake that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 1-209-231-4543. You can also log on to and report any issue(s) that you may have with a rental in your area.


Q.     How do my rental guests get into Pine Mountain Lake?

A.     You or your Property Manager must put them on your rental guest list with the Main gate prior to their arrival. They will check in, and pay the access fee (fee is per vehicle). Please see the current fee schedule or call the Rental Compliance Coordinator at 1(209)962-1245


Q.     If I have a Long-term rental, will my tenants be allowed to have gate cards?

A.     Yes. When you register your rental as long term, you will also provide the Association with a copy of the rental/lease agreement. Once that is on file, your tenants may come into the Administration office and purchase their gate cards.


Q.    Is the registration fee the same for long term and short-term rentals?

A.     Yes. The annual fee applies to both long term and short-term rentals. You can register your rental property at    Please see the current fee schedule or call the Rental Compliance Coordinator at 1(209)962-1245Q.


Q.     Can my renters bring their own watercraft such as a boat/kayak/paddle board and put it on the lake when visiting or renting?

A.     No. The Lake is open for Registered Boats and Small Watercraft only.  All watercrafts must be registered with the Association yearly. Only Pine Mountain Lake registered watercrafts are allowed on the lake.  Boat rentals are available at the Marina (12495 Cassaretto Court – 1 (209) 962-8631 (seasonal number) – For more information about rental fees, lake cruise, water taxi and more log on to