Property Pins & Setbacks

Property Pins & Setback Agreement
The Environmental Control Committee and Pine Mountain Lake Association assumes no responsibility for missing, dislocated or misidentified property pins. We strongly advise that you obtain a survey of your lot to verify property pin location prior to breaking ground.
If property pins are missing or misplaced which are required to determine compliance with the front, side and/or rear setback requirements, the Environmental Control Committee suggests, and may require that a State Licensed Land Surveyor determine the proper location of the pins in question.
Reference: ECC Rules, Guidelines and Construction Standards, Requirements for Building at Pine Mountain Lake.
3. At the time of Plan Submittal, all property pins must be located, flagged, and property lines strung. The proposed structure outline must also be staked be cut prior to approval. In NO case shall it be the responsibility of Pine Mountain Lake association or the Environmental Control Committee to locate or certify location of property pins. The stringing of the property to establish the acceptable location of the Improvement will be verified as part of the first inspection.
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