PMLA Burning Standard

  • Burn season is from approximately November 15** to June 1 each year. No burning is allowed from June 1 to approximately November 15** of each year.
  • PMLA burn permits are required for all members who wish to burn on their Lot. Permits are good for 5 years from the date of issuance. If you are having a tenant or vendor do your burning please provide them with your burn permit number and the rules for burning in PMLA. Members are responsible for all fire safety violations.
  • On the day you wish to burn call (209) 962-8615 to confirm it is a burn day and provide your burn permit number and Unit/Lot number.
  • Only dry, natural, vegetative material such as leaves, pine needles and tree trimmings that originated on the property may be burned. Burning household garbage is strictly prohibited.
  1. Please note: the burning of needles and leaves is not recommended due to the fact that they typically create too much smoke. We recommend these be hauled to the compost dump. If we receive smoke complaints about your fire we may have to ask you to extinguish your fire.
  • Piles will be no larger than four (4) feet in diameter.
  • Provide clearance around the pile that is ten (10) feet in diameter by removing all material that will burn, down to bare mineral soil.
  • Have a water source on hand such as a charged garden hose or a minimum of a five (5) gallon backpack pump type water extinguisher and shovel.
  • Responsible adult needs to be in attendance at all times until the fire is out.
  • NEVER burn on windy days even if it is a prescribed burn day.

** Each year CalFire determines when the burn season becomes effective. November 15 is an estimated date subject to change each year.


*This permit is Void during Suspension of Burning by the Director of the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

**This permit does not relieve the User of any legal responsibility for the safe use of fire or allow burning to be done in violation of any State law, County ordinance or local regulations restricting or regulating the use of fire.