Pine Mountain Lake 2021 Boat Registration
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All property owners with any vessel (sail, motor, wind-suffer, canoe, kayak, paddle boat and inflatable raft) must provide a copy of a current liability insurance policy at the time of registration. This may be a watercraft liability policy or a homeowner's policy. Limits are: $300,000 minimum liability. No Exceptions!
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Any property owner's boat requiring a Department of Motor Vehicle Registration must have current DMV Registration papers and sticker when registering at Pine Mountain Lake. No Exception!
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I hereby acknowledge, as owner/operator of vessel(s) on Pine Mountain Lake, to abide by all Pine Mountain Lake and Marina Rules, an all California Boating Laws. I acknowledge that it is the right of Pine Mountain Lake to suspend operator and/or boat from Pine Mountain Lake for any violations of the rules and regulations.
PML Boating & Lake Rules
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Maximum upload size: 516MB
Maximum upload size: 516MB