Pine Mountain Lake Golf Annual Terms and Conditions
To be eligible to purchase the annual golf membership you must be a member in good standing and named
on the deed of trust pursuant to the Third Restated By-Laws, Article 3, Section 3.04 including Resolution
#01.16, Amended 07-21-12, Golf Course Policies and Procedures. Limit two annual golf memberships per lot.
Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable except in cases of non-property owner status at
PMLA or for medical reasons (see below).
For adjustments to Golf Annual due to extenuating circumstances please see the Head Golf Professional.
If you have a change of address or name, please notify the Golf Shop and Administration office at once.
If you are using the monthly or semi-annual payment option, the remaining balance is due on the First of
each month. Payments not received by the Thirtieth of the month will be subject to late charges and interest.
If the payment is not made by the Thirtieth of the month the membership is subject to cancellation and the
property owner will not be eligible for an annual membership for the remainder of 2024 or for the 2025 year.
Pro-rating of Annuals are only allowed for new PML Property Owners.
Collection of delinquent accounts will be in accordance with Resolution 07.03 – Collection Policy

For existing PMLA Property Owners you must make your Individual Golf Annual Membership selection and submit
this signed and completed form, and payment, no later than December 26, 2023. If you
sign up during 2024 you are still required to pay the full amount for your Annual. Only new Property Owners will
have their Annual Golf Membership pro-rated.