Archery Range


Open with Restrictions Call 1-209-962-8615 
The Archery range is located on the northern boundary of PMLA property in Unit 16, which is the property north of the Campground.

You can access the range by driving into the Compost Pile entrance, checking in with the attendant, and following the signs to the range. The roads are graveled dirt access roads and are drivable. Please keep the vehicle driving speed to 15 mph or less, and watch for other vehicles or hikers.

Recreation & Trail Map

The range is open seven days a week from 10 am until 4 pm. It is open for use by all PML members and their guests. You will be asked for your unit and lot numbers when checking in. Your vehicle license number will also be recorded. All visitors to the range must check out of the area by 4 pm, returning the same way as entering, always checking in and out with the Compost Pile attendant. If you are not out of the area by 4 pm, a Safety Department Patrol Officer will be dispatched to locate you and ensure the area is vacated and all persons are in safe condition.

Archery Range Safety Rules

The Archery Range has a vehicle parking area, picnic table, bow rests, yardage markers, hay bales, targets, and an earthen backstop. PMLA does not supply bows, arrows, water, restroom facility, or instruction.

The Archery Range is for archers using bows and arrows only. Arrows with field points only are to be used at the range. There is no Range Captain on site. Users must exercise safety and respect for others at or near the range. Shots must be directed to the placed targets. Archers using the forward shooting stations have the range total use; all other archers must have their bows at rest and wait until the range is clear, the forward shooting station is vacated before taking a shooting station.

NO firearms are allowed at the Archery Range at any time.

The range is subject to closure because of weather or in seasons of severe fire danger.