Pine Mountain Lake Airport is owned and operated by Tuolumne County. Facilities on-site include: fueling, maintenance and parking.

Vital Information:
Phone Number: (209) 962-8966 (pay phone)
Airport Manager: (209) 533-5685 (Benedict Stuth)

North Latitude 37, 51' 45"
West Longitude 120, 10' 40"

Elevation: 2,933 feet above sea level

Runway: 27/09, 3,625' long with 100' (lighted) overruns at each end. Surface is asphalt cement pavement. Right traffic runway 27.

Taxiway: 3,600' long, paved.

Lights: Runway and rotating beacon, VASI - Runway 09, PAPI - Runway 27

Tie Down Area: Paved, approximately 54 tie downs. 5 transient tie downs available on west side of ramp south of fuel pumps.

Overnight fees: $5.00 single, $10.00 twin.

Unicom: (CTAF) 122.90 From VORS:

Freq. Radial DME Miles
Modesto VOR (MOD) 114.6 052 degrees 40
Merced area VOR (HYP) 114.2 001 degrees 40
Stockton Area Linden VOR (LIN) 114.8 092 degrees 40

Special Note: This is a Noise Sensitive area.

Upcoming  Events

What: Community Airport Day
Where: PML Airport

Community Airport Day

PML pilots invite the community to a fun and exciting afternoon at the airport, including aircraft displays, formation flying, skydivers, precision flying contests, airplane vs. car/motorcycle races, model aircraft and other aerial feats.

Free admission. Refreshments available for purchase. Park on Elderberry off Ferretti Road and enter under the banner. Bring a lawn chair and a hat, and enjoy the day.

For Community Airport Day information, check the PML News or contact: Bonnie Ritchey (650) 996-6274.
For Young Eagles information contact: Ed Sunday, EAA 1337, Young Eagles Coordinator (209) 533-1405 or Ed Gregory, EAA President (209) 962-5061.