2020 Punchcard & Range Program

Punchcard & Range Program Terms & Conditions
1. “Punchcards” (Pre-paid Golf Rounds) & Range Program are not transferable. Exception: A transfer may take place for
approved medical reasons. A written request for a transfer, for medical reasons, must be submitted and be
accompanied by a Physician’s Statement. The transfer will only be allowed if it is to a PML Property Owner living at the
same residence.
2. Refunds: If a Punchcard has not been fully used, an approved refund will be determined by multiplying the used rounds by the full Property Owner rate then subtracting that amount from the Punchcard price.
3. Range Program. Participants are limited to 4 tokens per day. Please request only the number of tokens you will be
using that day.

By signing below you agree to accept and abide by the terms outlined above.