The Grill @ Pine Mountain Lake

The Grill


The Grill & 19th Hole Lounge 12765 Mueller Drive Groveland, Ca. 95321

For Reservations @ THE GRILL please call (209) 962-8638 or email Jay Reis, Country Club Manager at:

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The Grill

The Best Golf & Restaurant in the Sierras. “Where Fun, Quality Food & Service Come Together”

Jay Reis The Grill Manager

“The Finest Dining Establishment at the gateway to Yosemite.” Our 16,000 square foot restaurant and lounge overlooks the Pine Mountain Lake Golf Course with majestic views of Yosemite’s peaks. The outside deck is perfect for outdoor dining, cocktails or your special function.

The Club House provides free wireless internet access for members and customers. You can now work from your laptop and enjoy lunch, surf the net or have coffee and get some work done in a beautiful and friendly environment. We encourage all members to bring their laptops and give it a try.

For THE GRILL please call (209) 962-8638
or email Jay Reis, Country Club Manager at:

THE GRILL Restaurant & Bar
Restaurant occupancy capacity 160.

Lounge occupancy capacity 62.
Questions or Comments? Any specific questions or comments about our restaurant or lounge? We invite you to send e-mail to: or please call us.

Phone Numbers:

Lounge (209) 962-8636

Restaurant (209) 962-8638

19th Hole Lounge







Banquets & Special Events

Jimmy Gutierrez Hospitality Coordinator

Banquets & Special Events

Board seeks member input on the new logo for the Grill at Pine Mountain Lake

At the January 12, 2019 monthly Board meeting, the marketing and branding specialist retained by the Board to prepare a marketing and branding plan for the soon-to-be newly renovated Grill, presented three options for new Grill logos. The Board is asking members to provide their input on the logo they like best. Please review the three logos below and email the Board with your selection by January 29th. Make sure to add your Name, Unit & Lot to the email.

Email the board your Option to the board of Directors @