Board looking for input on the Draft Strategic Plan

The Board of Directors has been working on the development of a Strategic Plan for our Association. The purpose of a strategic plan is to drive direction and resources, facilitate decision-making, define common goals and unite leadership, employees, members and partners.

 After several planning meetings, the Board of Directors has come up with a draft Strategic Plan for our Association and they would like input from the membership and staff.

  Over the next few months, we will be rolling out the draft plan for member review a portion at a time. This will allow for member input and correlation by the professional facilitator retained by the Board to assist with this process. Additionally, a full-version draft copy of the plan is available in PDF format for member review (below). The draft plan includes the mission, vision, pillars and tactics.

 After the Board receives feedback from the membership and staff, we will schedule a town hall meeting to discuss and finalize the plan. The goal is to complete the process and distribute the final plan to the membership with the April mailing of the Annual Report in the PML News.

  If you would like the Board to consider your feedback and the draft strategic plan, please use the following email address: