2018 Committees

Pine Mountain Lake Association has a number of committees that are an integral part of the Association.  These committees are made up of property owners who volunteer their time to review and make recommendations with respect to Pine Mountain Lake Association’s ongoing current and long-range issues. If you would be interested in serving as a volunteer on a committee, click on the link below and submit your application to the Administration office.
Email to:  Debra@pinemountainlake.com or drop it by the Administration Office Committee

January  2018

Smoking Area Review AD-HOC Committee –
The Assignment of the committee is to research and evaluate the environmental, operational, and health impacts of individuals smoking within Association common areas, and to recommend a draft policy to the Board the regulates this activity. The recommended policy must be in the best interest of the entire Association membership.
Karen Burgess – Chairperson
Beth Martin
Karen Seals
Mike Gustafson- Board Liaison
Committee Webpage : PML Smoking Committee

Budget & Finance Committee –
The Budget and Finance Committee will assist and advise the PMLA Board of Directors in matters regarding budgets, reserves and accounting.

Michael Guess – Chairperson
Richard Johnson – Vice Chairperson
John Case
Mary Taylor – Secretary
Mike Gustafson Director – Board Liaison
Ken Spencer, PMLA Controller – Staff Liaison

Covenants Committee –
The Covenants Committee was established to enforce the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), and the Bylaws, rules and regulations of the Association. This committee has the authority to levy scheduled fines and monetary penalties, as established by the Board of Directors, for the enforcement of the Associations’ governing documents.

Patti Beaulieu – Chairperson
Richard Fratus
Amanda Klaahsen
Debra Durai, Administrative Assistant – Staff Liaison

Editorial Committee –
The Editorial Committee was established to review all “letters to the Editor” prior to publication in the PML News to assure compliance with the Editorial Policy (Resolution 04.03).

Albert Costa – Chairperson
Jackie Baker
Marilyn Scott
Staff Liaison – Debra Durai, Administrative Assistant
Environmental Control Committee (ECC) –

The ECC was established to consider and act upon the proposals and plans submitted to it pursuant to the CC&Rs. The committee was established to ensure that Improvements (as defined below) and collective membership activities shall be directed and pursued with a view toward enhancement of the natural beauty and character of the development and the quiet enjoyment thereof by all Owners, residents and guest. This committee has the power to levy scheduled fines and monetary penalties, as established by the Board of Directors, for the enforcement of the Associations’ governing documents. The term “Improvement,” as used herein shall include, but shall not be limited to, the construction, installation, alteration, remodeling and exterior color selection of builders, walls, fences, landscaping structures, landscaping, retaining walls, piers, boat shelters, floats, privacy structures, outdoor spas, antennas, television satellite reception dishes, heating or air conditioning equipment or swimming pools, including above ground pools and wells.

Kurt Petersen, Chairperson
Larry Hunt
Jeff Thompson
Joe Gutierres – Alternate #1
Gerry Barnes, Inspector
Terri Thomas, ECC Coordinator
Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) –

The LRPC was established to maintain a high quality of life in and around Pine Mountain Lake for the long term. To supply the finest facilities possible with the minimum financial burden to the property owners. The committee will consider future needs of the Association in support of homeowners. The group will make recommendations on priorities for maintenance, improvements and replacements of amenities to the Board of Directors and will present these recommendations to homeowners.

Mike Gustafson, Chairperson
John Weisenburger
Don Felts
Bob Asquith
Committee email address lrpc@pinemountainlake.com

Waterfowl Management Committee

The Waterfowl Management Committee was established to provide recommendations to the Board regarding management of waterfowl and their interactions with PML members. The committee’s goal is to manage waterfowl within PML by maintaining populations at numbers that do not damage properties or create serious nuisances for the community; yet ensure that they are perpetuated and enjoyed by the community now and in the future. The committee may initiate studies, conduct tasks and perform other duties approved by the Board of Directors.

Iris Moffit – Chairperson
Marjorie Rich – Secretary
Tony Pavlakis
Ryan Reis – Staff Liaison Recreation/Seasonal Operations Manager
Committee email address:GooseAction@pinemountainlake.com

Lake and Marina Committee

The lake and Marina Committee was established to review rules, member concerns, policies and procedures pertaining to the use of the Lake and Marina and to provide recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Larry Woodruff – Chairperson
Mark Del Secco
Patrick Hennigan
Fred Mecum
Mike Gustafson – Director – Board Liaison
Ryan Reis – Staff Liaison Recreation/Seasonal Operations Manager
Safety and Security Committee
 The Safety and Security Committee was established to promote safety and help educate PMLA members with regard to neighborhood watch, CPR, First Aid, and community emergency preparedness –
Ron Selvey – Chairperson
Joan Stauffacher – Vice Chairperson
Tim Shanahan
Dawn Silva
Tom Franco
Karen Burgess
Steve Griefer Director – Board Liaison
For a full description of the Safety & Security Committee Click Here