Association Meetings



Board Meetings are held the third Saturday of each month at the Lake Lodge Beginning at 9:00 am unless otherwise posted.

Location: PML Lake Lodge
20270 Pine Mountain Drive
Groveland, CA 95321


2018 Board Meeting Schedule

(Third Saturday of the Month unless otherwise noted)

  •  January 20
  •  February 17 (President’s Day Weekend)
  •  March 17
  • April 21
  •  May 19
  • June 16 (Father’s Day Weekend)
  • July 21 Changed to July 28th
  •  August 25 – Annual Meeting / Election
  • September 8 (2nd Saturday, due to 49er Festival)
  • October 27 – Budget Meeting (4th Saturday-Begins at 8 am)
  • November 3 (1st Saturday)
  •  No December Meeting


July 28, 2018 BOD Agenda

Board Minutes:

Minutes are the official record of the proceedings of the Board of Directors of Pine Mountain Lake Association. The minutes reflect actions taken by the Board, not what was said verbatim at the meeting. Actions approved by the Board take effect immediately. Minutes are merely a record of those actions. Minutes do not become “official records” of the Association until approved by the Board and signed by the Board Secretary. Only approved and signed

Board meeting minutes are posted to the PML website.*

June 16, 2018 BOD Minutes

May 19, 2018 BOD Minutes

April 21, 2018 BOD Minutes

March 17, 2018 BOD Minutes

February 17, 2018 BOD Minutes

January 20, 2018 BOD Minutes

November 4th, 2017 BOD Minutes

Oct. 28th, 2017 BOD Minutes

Sept. 9th, 2017 BOD Minutes

July 15, 2017 BOD Minutes

August 20, 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

June 17, 2017 BOD Minutes

Board Actions:

June 16, 2018 BOD Voting Actions

May 19, 2019 BOD Voting Actions

April 21, 2018 BOD Voting Actions

March 17, 2018 BOD Voting Actions

February 17, 2018 BOD Voting Actions

November 4th, 2017 BOD Voting Actions

Sept. 9th, 2017 BOD Voting Actions

July 15, 2017 BOD Voting Actions

June 17, 2017 BOD Voting Actions

BOD Executive Session:




“PML Board Strategic Planning Meeting”

Establishing the Mission and Vision Statements.
The purpose of the first PML strategic planning session is to set the mission and vision statements. The Board of Directors have retained a professional facilitator to assist with the process.
Members are welcome to attend and observe at this meeting, but the Board will not be entertaining member participation during this initial part of the planning process. However, once the mission and vision statements are established, the Board plans to include the membership in the strategic planning process at future meetings or workshops.
There is time on the agenda at the start of the meeting for members to address the Board as usual, but then the President will close off the meeting to audience comments and work with the facilitator.”

Strategic Planning Meeting Minutes:

January 22, 2018 SPM Minutes

August 14, 2017 SPM Minutes

July 24, 2017 SPM Minutes

July 10, 2017 SPM Minutes

June 16, 2017 SPM Minutes